UX Reviews: a fast & effective insurance policy against bad UX

Wondering how to improve conversions and customer engagement? Our experts will show you exactly how to fix urgent issues, and more importantly, reveal new opportunities to apply UX techniques.
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Certified UX experts | 3+days | UX insurance policy

Gain big UX wins

Our UX Review are an insurance policy... protecting you against missed conversion and engagement opportunities that our certified experts are trained to detect. Here's what we've done for others:
increased engagement

By simplifying  onboarding and reducing # of clicks for key actions, the engagement rate of for SwitchPitch's SaaS application was increased 188.12%.

increased revenue

By optimizing the search, purchase, and upsell process, a single UX Review helped to increase conversions of JavaFly's eCommerce site by 20.54%, which led to a 112.62% revenue increase.

2 months
cut development time

A UX Review called for simplicity of features and functionality early in development of the Resolv SaaS solution. Unnecessary dev time was cut, with a product delivery 2 months ahead of schedule!


Protect your profits against bad UX

Are you losing potential customers on your website?

Are you worried about losing users because of low engagement with your web or mobile app?

Or do you have high customer support costs because of unituitive design?

A UX Review solves these problems by showing you how to use cutting-edge UX techniques to improve your conversions and engagement metrics.

Our clients dubbed it their “UX Insurance Policy", protecting websites and apps from losing money on bad user experiences, missed conversions, and being outperformed by competitors.

You won't want to miss this video. Learn how thousands of companies are using UX to increase conversions & turn customers into brand advocates.

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What happens during a UX review

Discover business goals & user needs

We work with your team to clearly define business goals and reveal user needs

Define user flows

We define key paths that your users take through your website or application. This reveals issues & new opportunities.

Conduct UX Review

We run through scenarios, identifying issues, description actionable solutions, and revealing growth opportunities.

Receive your report!

You'll receive your report with straightforward solutions that you team can implement. Schedule a call for follow-up.

What our clients are saying

One of our customers, Javafly, was investing heavily into marketing: $25,000/mo on ads, hefty social media strategies, and more. People were converting, but Javafly knew conversions were too low and existing customers weren’t engaged as much as they should be.

Javafly approached GobySavvy to solve this problem. We targeted the parts of their user experience that drove business results, dug deep into their user’s problems, and ultimately helped to improve revenue 112% the month after our UX Review.

"Javafly loved the GobySavvy UX review and has seen their website results increase drastically by following the advice in the report."

Andy Ocock
Project Manager, Javafly & Above The Fold

UX review sample

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Who are UX Reviews for?

Early startups

Get a second opinion.:

  • Home page cleanup
  • Simplify app onboarding
  • Optimize purchases & upsells
  • Quick conversion wins
Lean 2 week sprints

Catch overlooked UX opportunities:

  • Early feedback on wireframes & designs
  • Alternative solutions
  • Catch UX issues before development
  • Outside Perspective
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Full website review

Reveal major UX opportunities:

  • Catch glaring UX issues 
  • Increase conversions
  • Improve navigation
  • Compelling content
  • Clear CTAs
  • Clear brand message
Full app review

Eliminate drop-offs:

  • Intuitive onboarding
  • Dashboard optimization
  • Navigation simplification
  • Reduce churn
  • Pinpoint engagement opportunities
  • Increase repeat users & referrals
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Custom solution

Thorough, exhaustive audit:

  • Review your analytics
  • Detect major & minor UX issues
  • Funnel optimization
  • Reduce drop-offs
  • Reveal conversion opportunities
  • Reveal engagement opportunities
  • & more based on your needs
Tailored to your business goals

Deep dive into key metrics:

  • User testing
  • Customer support review
  • Pinpoint key user actions
  • Advance business goals
  • Increase user satisfaction
  • Tailored custom solutions
  • & more based on your needs

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