The UX Principles Goldmine

Below you will find a constantly updating list of usability, design, psychology, and UX principles that are used in modern digital products. All of the experts here at GobySavvy use these key principles to conduct UX Reviews. If you are conducting a UX Review of your own website or app, the links below will act as a great checklist.

If you would like to contribute to this goldmine, please post your link(s) in the comments! We will add them to the list. UX principles with a * are especially important.

General Usability & UX Principles



Engaging Content

Interaction / Movement



Trust & Credibility

Visual Design Principles

Best Practices & Current Trends


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About the author:

Ryan O'Connor

Ryan has helped build compelling experiences for startups and Fortune 500’s around the globe, a passion he draws from his endless curiosity of psychology, computer interaction, and company culture. A published author and mentor with an M.S. in Human Factors, Ryan is on a mission to help companies discover the balance of creating delightful digital experiences while achieving business goals.