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About us

We believe in designing for life. That digital experiences should add value to a person’s life. That experiences should solve problems, not create them. That people remember experiences, not products. This takes a deep understanding of human psychology, of designing for people, and for the businesses that serve them.

Since we were founded in 2015, we’ve had the pleasure of building new digital products for entrepreneurs, introducing UX strategy to SMBs, partnering up with established agencies, supporting Fortune 500 internal teams, and conducting thousands of UX reviews for everyone.

Want to know why we chose the name “GobySavvy”? We thought you might ask! Find out here.

The UX team

It's your product. We help make it savvy.
Ryan O'Connor UX expert headshot
Ryan O'Connor, Founder
CEO, CXO, Business strategist

Ryan has helped build compelling experiences for startups and Fortune 500’s around the globe, a passion he draws from his endless curiosity of psychology, computer interaction, and company culture. A published author and mentor with an M.S. in Human Factors, Ryan is on a mission to help companies discover the balance of creating delightful digital experiences while achieving business goals.

Dean Dutro Business Expert Headshot
Jessica, B.S.
Customer Success Manager

Jessica is a UX designer and researcher with a business background. She graduated from the Wharton School of Business with a concentration in marketing and a particular focus on psychology. Whether it is with big companies like Amazon or SMBs in eCommerce and SaaS, Jessica is committed to delivering results and advocating for the user.

Head shot of blond female UX expert
Susan, BFA
Content & Brand strategist

Susan has led vision for content, brand, and ux strategy for 20 years. She believes in creating compelling experiences that achieve business goals. Susan’s amassed knowledge for products and services (TV, mobile, web) at industry leaders like Lot21, Razorfish, Yahoo! and Comcast NBC. She holds a BFA from Moore College for Art & Design. She is a board director of a local non-profit and loves to inspire children in the arts.

Head shot of female user experience strategist
Elisabeth, B.A.
UX Strategist

Elisabeth is a UX professional with 20 years’ experience. Her diverse portfolio includes designs for Android Wear micro interfaces for wearable devices, large point-of-sale applications for Snap-on Tools and social good mobile apps with Just Business. Elisabeth holds a B.A. in Computer Science/Human Factors from Brown University.

Mid twenty female user experience designer
Holly, M.S.
UX Designer

Holly got her start as a systems engineer, writing complex architectural documents. When a fellow engineer introduced her to the concepts of usability and user research, she was hooked. While working at Lockheed Martin researching & designing for the US government, she completed her Masters degree in Human Factors in Information Design. She loves discovering what makes users tick.

Female usability analyst
Michelle, CUA
UX Designer

Michelle, a Certified Usability Analyst, has 16+ years of experience in UX, UI, and technical work in corporate, agency, and egov environments. She applies her background in psychology & design to intranets, complex web apps, responsive sites, and native mobile apps. The evolving fields of science, psychology, and interaction design drive her infinite curiosity.


Competitive advantage

Why should you choose GobySavvy over all other UX agencies?
Global team, global knowledge

Although the majority of our team is located in the United States, we have a talented group of globally distributed user experience optimization experts, including the UK, Eastern Europe, India, Australia, and Canada. This allows us to work on projects around the clock, and with clients around the globe.

Empowered individuals, empowered design

Everyone on the GobySavvy team owns their own personal brands. The attention and care of our passionate, dedicated and invested contractors is reflected in our work.

Lifelong learners, lifelong expertise

At GobySavvy, we love to learn. Our team reads, researches, and writes about user experience design. We don’t have just marketers, project managers, or blog writers. We have GobySavvy UX design experts who write blogs, create marketing content, and engage our social media channels, in addition to working on client projects. This isn’t a job, it’s a passion.

Independently located, independent pricing

Each GobySavvy team member lives and works wherever they wish. Our digital office is the world wide web, our meeting rooms are Skype, Slack, and email, and our go-to-tools Basecamp, Trello, Axure, Photoshop, and Illustrator. This allows us to provide high quality, affordable ux thinking that trandscends our brick and mortar competitors.

All for one, one for all

Since GobySavvy is remote digital agency, we’ve mastered the art and science of online collaboration. We’ve streamlined project proposals, stakeholder interviews, strategy, design, feedback, deliverables, and communication. These innovations help develop exceptional digital products that meet or exceed expected deadlines.

Our philosophy

We have 5 principles that are the nucleus of our DNA.

  • Think savvy
  • Be engaging & inspiring
  • Strive for global Influence
  • Be impartial & honest
  • Demonstrate expertise
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User experience best practices

Based on our core beliefs, we apply UX industry standards during our UX review process —
resulting in a thoughtful, smart and cohesive digital experience.

  • Usability hygiene
  • Onboarding
  • Gradual engagement
  • Engaging content
  • Persuasive design
  • Conversion optimization
  • Navigation & information architecture
  • Social proof
  • Lean UX
  • and more…

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