Team GobySavvy - UX Design Experts

Ryan O'Connor, Founder
CEO, CXO, Brand strategist

Ryan has helped build compelling experiences for startups and Fortune 500’s around the globe, a passion he draws from his endless curiosity of psychology, computer interaction, and company culture. A published author and mentor with an M.S. in Human Factors, Ryan is on a mission to help companies discover the balance of creating delightful digital experiences while achieving business goals.

Jessica, B.S.
Client Success Manager

Jessica is a UX designer and researcher with a business background. She graduated from the Wharton School of Business with a concentration in marketing and a particular focus on psychology. Whether it is with big companies like Amazon or SMBs in eCommerce and SaaS, Jessica is committed to delivering results and advocating for the user.

Susan, BFA
Content & Brand strategist

Susan has led vision for content, brand, and ux strategy for 20 years. She believes in creating compelling experiences that achieve business goals. Susan’s amassed knowledge for products and services (TV, mobile, web) at industry leaders like Lot21, Razorfish, Yahoo! and Comcast NBC. She holds a BFA from Moore College for Art & Design. She is a board director of a local non-profit and loves to inspire children in the arts.

Nymphaea, M.A.
UX & Accessibility Expert

Nymphaea is a UX and accessibility expert with an MA in Interactive Multi Media. She taught UCD and HCI at the University of Applied Science Amsterdam and is a UX mentor at CareerFoundry. Nymphaea has used her keen analytical skills to review over 175 websites and apps. She deeply believes that a world with happy users = happy customers = happy people.

Elisabeth, B.A.
UX Strategist

Elisabeth is a UX professional with 20 years’ experience. Her diverse portfolio includes designs for Android Wear micro interfaces for wearable devices, large point-of-sale applications for Snap-on Tools and social good mobile apps with Just Business. Elisabeth holds a B.A. in Computer Science/Human Factors from Brown University.

Michelle, CUA
UX Designer

Michelle, a Certified Usability Analyst, has 16+ years of experience in UX, UI, and technical work in corporate, agency, and egov environments. She applies her background in psychology & design to intranets, complex web apps, responsive sites, and native mobile apps. The evolving fields of science, psychology, and interaction design drive her infinite curiosity.

Jacek, M.S.c
UX Designer

Jacek is a UX Designer with a MSc in Cognitive & Media Psychology. He has worked in the video game industry and is certified in Usability, User Experience, and Gamification. Jacek is passionate about optimizing interactive products to increase their emotional expressiveness, making the UX more meaningful and engaging.

UX Designer

Jeremy, a driven UX designer with over a decade of professional experience, has worked with high-profile brands such as AOL Time Warner, Walmart, Scotts, and Eli Lilly on 100+ user-centric projects. IA, strategy, and user-driven design are part of his daily routine. Jeremy is always looking to grow and innovate in this exciting field while saving time to game and paint with friends.

Sunny D., CUA
UX Designer, QA Analyst

Sunny has a BS in Computer Engineering, with experience as a Lead QA Engineer, UX Designer, and UI Designer. She holds usability certifications at IBM and N/N Group. Sunny has worked with Sun MicroSystems, Checkfree, Lexis-Nexis, IBM and Yahoo. In her spare time she builds her own pet-projects and companies.

Missy, CUA
UX Designer

Missy Keenan is a writer, editor, project manager, and UX consultant. She is a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) through Human Factors International with expertise in the health insurance industry. Missy loves ambling trail hikes with her son, Netflix marathons with her hubby, and creating seamless, intuitive user experiences.

Danielle, CUA
UX & Usability Expert

Danielle is a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) through Human Factors International, with 7 years of experience working with government agencies, non-profits, and numerous commercial clients. She believes that user-centered design principles and information architecture are pivotal to creating great user experiences. Her passions include coaching others and running triathlons such as the Ironman.

Aboli, CUA
UX & Usability Expert

Aboli is a UX Consultant and HFI-Certified Usability Analyst™ focused on creating innovative and intuitive digital experiences for over a decade. Her expertise in User-Centered Design methodology, User Research and Visual Communication has helped her conceptualize and deliver engaging experiences to fortune 500 clients as well as startups globally.

Lee, MFA
UX Designer

Lee is a UX designer well-versed in UX research, content strategy, IA, information design, UI, and development.  He’s demonstrated leadership working with businesses as varied as fashion to finance, from government to gaming. Lee’s passionate about entertainment, and is currently developing a one-man show about UX, IA, ASAP, ROI and WTF. He earned an MFA in Film from NYU.

Will, M.S.
UX Designer

Will is a UX Designer with a background in anthropology. He started his career using human-centered design to build education programs in Japan and the United States. Upon realizing that UX was his passion, he began applying his expertise to design in a variety of sectors. Will enjoys travel and speaking Japanese and Hindi with his friends.

Holly, M.S.
UX Designer

Holly got her start as a systems engineer, writing complex architectural documents. When a fellow engineer introduced her to the concepts of usability and user research, she was hooked. While working at Lockheed Martin researching & designing for the US government, she completed her Masters degree in Human Factors in Information Design. She loves discovering what makes users tick.

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